Question UEFI Boot Problem

Jan 16, 2021
So I'm stumped... I've got a lenovo yoga laptop (Model: 710-15IKB) that has a 250 gb Samsung sata ssd as the only drive. Recently, I began getting the famous "Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed" popup when booting up the machine. However, I was able to boot from the SSD in another machine just fine ruling out drive failure as the cause of the popup. I also was unable to get the computer to boot to a USB flash drive with the windows 10 installer loaded on it. Switching from UEFI to Legacy in the laptop's BIOS allowed me to boot to the flash drive and install a fresh install of windows to the SSD (albeit in MBR format). However, booting windows in legacy mode seems to prevent the sleep function on the laptop from working properly.

I've been at this for hours and cannot figure out why the laptop will not boot to any device in UEFI mode. The boot devices will show up in the boot device list but it fails to boot every time unless its in legacy boot mode.

Any help is greatly appreciated...


Win 10 Master
Did you run Samsung Magician on the drive to check its health? I am not sure i would keep using a ssd that started not working, they don't make any warnings before they stop, they just can.

Yep, many lenova can only boot from USB with secure boot off, and in legacy

And yet they have windows Boot Manager as a boot option and its the way you boot off a UEFI drive.

this doesn't help but i had to share. Answer doesn't answer question, is in fact opposite to what question asked

Google used to be useful, I am sure?