Question Ugly colors on msi laptop, quick gamma can't help...

Sep 11, 2019
my msi laptop screen has bad blue/green colors and it's really hard to see anything on some websites
so i installed quick gamma and calibrate the blue/green so it's fine, and i lived with that happily for months

until today, when after a windows update, for osme reasons the colors changed back to the ugly ones
so i just open quick gamma, check the blue/green colors settings i had saved from months ago, click ok and... nothing!
i can calibrate as i wish but it just stay for 1-2 seconds and then revert back to the ugly colors

i check multiple threads on the web, did everything possible on color management and everytime i chose the profile, it changed, i'm happy, i close the windows and it goes back to the ugly colors...

i also have a monitor who worked fine, and if i unplugged it nothing changes, so it's from my laptop for sure
it's not a physical problem as well, if i screenshot my laptop screen and see it from my monitor, all colors are good

when i go in "display settings":
so when i click "generic pnp monitor 2", colors changed and whenver i leave or click outside of the window it goes back to the ugly colors

same here, whenever i choose the best colors profiles i did with quickgamma, everytime i clsoe the window the colcos reverted back to the ugly ones

so yeah, no idea what to do from now, i restarted my computer multiple times, still the same problem