Feb 29, 2012
Running an i5-2400 with stock fan/sink. Hit high temps with prime95 last night, but only briefly. Didn't know prime95 loaded on boot... It ran for about 30min this morning at around 80-85*C... Glad i noticed it before i left for work. I deleted prime95 promptly after noticing. Should i be concerned? It ran so hot for so long.... I know the TJ Max is 98*C so I'm safe there. Just so worried now.


80-85, although may seem high, is still well within operating temps.

It is higher than "ideal" however, and you may want to look into spending a little spare cash on a budget after-market cooler.

The lifespan of your CPU certainly wont have been damaged/reduced in any way.

You didn't need to remove PRIME95 entirely from your system. To prevent it from booting on start up go to Start > Type in "msconfig" > Go to the Tab named "Start Up" > Untick any boxes with PRIME95 in :)