Question UHD Ultra wide / 43" 4k monitor for new 7900XT rig


Jan 16, 2013

I am planning to upgrade my 8years PC to a new one and can't decide on a monitor to get.
Graphics card target 7900XT or 6950XT so AMD FreeSync would be a must.
I am still in a crossroads between 34" ultra wide UHD and 42±43" 4k monitor.

I am more an a MMO RPG/RPG or ARP games guy - thats why i'm targeting lower refresh rate monitors but with higher resolution.
Please help me decide by writing your experiences if you had any playing such type games on those types of displays!

If anyone can suggest something that are BIS of both types between 500±1000$/€ would be awesome!

I would prefer 120 Hz+, my room is kind a dark, not much sunlight at all so brightness isn't that important.
Also curved screen for a ultra wide would be a priority (idk why, looks cool .. maybe)

P.S I have been crushing 2x27" 144 Hz monitors to date. Love it, but want to try something new.

Thanks for any advice in advance! Cheers!


No, you've been crushing 1x 27" in front of you, the other sits off to the side and only gets used for youtube, web browsing, discord etc.

If you really want a change, that's not going to change real-estate, but vastly change gaming experience, setups and have Everything in front of you,
Samsung Odyssey
There's also a 1440p version that's cheaper. For all intents and purposes it's 2x 27" monitors where the center of the single screen is right where the 2 black bar edges of your current setup used to be. It can be set for multiple screens, so will look like 1 or 2 or 3 monitors, and those can be sized to fit your tastes. So you can run a 27" in the center and have a 13" tablet on each side, if you wish, or if the game supports it have the full field of view from side to side.
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