News UK Government Could Block Nvidia's Takeover of Arm


Sep 27, 2019
Jensen Huang is a sociopath. When he says that nothing will change to how ARM does business with its customers, you know the exact opposite will happen. If NVIDIA acquires ARM, Jensen will screw over ARM's customers to put itself ahead of them. And every consumer who buys electronics containing ARM chips that didn't come from Nvidia, will get screwed as well.

Right now, ARM's customers are exactly that, "customers". After Nvidis acquires ARM, those customers suddenly become competitors. Nvidia will keep the best ARM design for itself, and give those ex-cutomers sloppy seconds. Nvidia needs to have a superior ARM products than Nvidia's new competitors.

Jensen has zero incentive in keeping his word, and a lot to gain by breaking it. And that's why he will break his word, that and the fact that we do know his true colours anyway.

This deal is good for Nvidia, and bad for just about everybody else on this planet. Anybody who says otherwise is either a deranged fanboy, or owns Nvidia stock.