Question UK Plug Type in India for PSU? Cheap Adapter?

Mar 24, 2019
I'm searching for a new PSU, and some say below them: "UK Plug Type", now I live in India. I don't think it'll fit in my power board, I need an adapter, so do I get a cheap one or is it a good idea to get a good one?

Also, some recommendations for PSUs under $55, would be sweet. If you want to recommend some, please do it from this site: (I've already set the price parameter, you can always go below that).

Pc Specs:
All you need is the power lead--the PSU end of the cable is the same worldwide. An adapter would work fine too, but be clunky.

India actually uses the British Standard 546 plug type that was the standard plug in the UK until 1947. Many outlets also fit the South African plugs with slightly larger pins as those are also used in India for higher current appliances.
If you presently have a quality 450w PSU then it should be fine.

If you want to upgrade to a better PSU, you may find it easier to have someone from another country send you one complete with the wrong lead! For some reason, despite India being home to factories for major name brand SMPS such as Delta Electronics, such quality PSUs are very hard to find in local markets there. Perhaps they are seen as too expensive and even boutique. If you can get it from South Africa then the lead it comes with may actually fit your outlets!

Here in the West, the CX450 we get may be made by either Great Wall or Channel Well Technology (CWT). I do not know if that is also true over there (that would be up to Corsair India, you may ask them on their Facebook page), but Corsair appears to be one of the few familiar brands to us that are available.


May 22, 2019
Isn't 450w a little low? I think 500w is good? Idk u tell me..

Yeah, I have the wall socket with earthing/third hole, and someone suggested me to use my old psu's wire, would that work?
Although 450w is enough, once you have overclocked, it might be cutting it a little bit short. You could get a 550w PSU, which is a snal amount over your budget, but not much. Once again, this is the cheapest trustworthy one available in India

As for the cabling, then yes, it is fine to rewire it to an Indian plug. I have done the same before, bit from a 2 pin American lead to a 3 pin UK lead. As long as the mains power specs match the input of the device (which they do for you) then it is all good.