Ultimate $600 Budget Gaming Rig World of Warcraft HELP


Sep 14, 2011
Well..my computer died on me, lasted like 4-5 years. (well the graphics card died, but i figured i might as well just build a whole new one)

The main parts were:
Q6600 Quad Core CPU
Sapphire 4850
4gb DDR2 800

That Q6600 was the core i5 2500k back then lol. You're probaly wondering why im telling you this....So, i'll tell you.

The $600 rig i came up with is here.


Now, the cpu is a core i3 2100 DUAL CORE. Would i be downgrading going from a quad core to a dual core? I dont really do much besides play world of warcraft, and browse the web. Although some of my room mates said i should get a capture card and record my ps3/360 gameplay since im good, and it sounds like something i would like to do lol. (im mostly a 360/ps3 gamer). And i know the encoding or whatever its called would prolly be optimized more for a quad core =\. Here is the capture card im getting soon.


That would also mean i would be using the PC for video editing too.

Anyway sorry for the wall of text.

Approximate Purchase Date: week

Budget Range:$600

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies VIDEO EDITING MAYBE

Parts Not Required:keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS
Preferred Website(s) for Parts Newegg

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences:by brand or type: reliable brands.

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution:1920x1080



Aug 5, 2011
The build that you linked is about as good as it's going to get with sandy bridge on your budget...so well done.

But to answer your question...yes, a dual core is a significant downgrade from a quad core. If you want a quad core maybe try an AMD build.


The Core i3 2100 would be an improvement over a Q6600 for gaming, but probably not for video editing. For WoW, it would be plenty.

Take a look at the $600 build in my sig. It has a i3 2100 + H61 mobo + GTX560 and also includes a OS.

Since you don't need an OS, you can easily upgrade the i3 to a i5 2400 and the motherboard to a H67 and stay within budget.


Sep 14, 2011
Thanks you guys anyone else? Oh and that's a nice $600 build you got their.'

Edit: i decided against the video editing, for the time being. And will probaly save $40 more for a Z68 motherboard to get an ivy bridge when they are released. Then buy a capture card along with the ivy bridge to replace the i3

Id be going for a 990f and p2x4 955 build right now if I only had $600, the i32100 is a good cpu for gaming but in games that require a healthy quad (BF3) you will be held back, personally Id get a 955 and overclock the hell out of it! and then when bd is released you can upgrade if you choose, thats my 2 cents

I think the gtx 560 is a good starting point for a gpu running at 1080p or less

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Jun 15, 2010
I agree with jjb8, Gaming is one thing but if you are doing video editing (for them uber pvp video editing clips) You really want a quad core. Try to same some money by reusing something from your old system. Case, CD burner? anything reusable?
The items in your wish list are great items, but I was never impressed with the 2100 CPU. For that price you can get a nicer AMD processor and mobo and easily upgrade to bulldozer in the future (get the 990 or 970 chipset) I have a 965 AMD running 4.1 on air, and stable for like a year now. it just runs and runs lol I'm not bias towards either AMD or intel, just trying to offer a little advice based on your 600 budget and your use for the PC. Try to squeeze another 50 bucks and get a I5 2500K would be another option.
yeah if your going for SB id at least get a i52500k otherwise put together a cheaper amd setup that can be easily upgraded to BD, and more and more games are going to utilize quads so really you cant go wrong imo, then it just comes down to preference. Also consider that the 2100 is stuck at stock performance for the duration of the chip, when oc'ed to 4 ghz imo it is about the level of an i5-2400/i5-760 in gaming. The 2100 is a great cpu but for my usage which is Gaming, gaming, and gaming Id rather have a 955 for the money with the capability to upgrade to BD with the right motherboard, otherwise If I were stuck on intel then id go p67or z-68/ i52500k
but honestly a q6600 with a good oc should be more than fine for now, I would just upgrade your graphics to something along the lines of a gtx 560 and save your money, you can always take the gpu over to a future rig.... either way those are my total and complete thoughts between these two posts im off to work.....


Sep 14, 2011
Well I decided against the capture card for now. And I don’t plan on playing BF3 on PC ( 360 gamer ), or any other game besides world of warcraft and LoL. Im going to try and squeeze in like $40 to get the $104 asrock z68. Then upgrade to an ivycore when they come out. But atm, I got textbooks to buy, a new laptop, and bills. And right now the only computer I got is my ipod touch. And I don’t plan on using parts from my old build, since I left it at home I told my he could use it if he wants to upgrade it.
boooo you are an apple supported as well as a console supporter....

bf3 on xbox360 is going to be dumbed down garbage, no offense but that is the kind of game I dream about playing on pc, analog sticks and aiming is terrible and I could never get used to it on some console fps personally

as for the ipad it is a bonafide toy, I cant imagine a scenario to use it other than in leisure time...

of course everyone is entitled to spend how they may but there comes a point well beyond diminishing return with such a product when it has no real output to begin with, anyways


Sep 14, 2011
Well of course i love apple, they make good products. I love macs and the OS too. But i think their overpriced (still good though). My old laptop was a "hackintoshed", and i had snow leopard on my PC.

And i started gaming on the nintendoo 64 then slowly moved up, never really played PC games. So im use to the analog sticks, and mouse+keyboard seems to suck to me, but thats because im not use to it. And i dont mind the dumbed down verision, id rather play with friends and hear people rage. Then put up with the typing in PC games..i prefer to hear people talk. (without having to add them on vent/teamtalk/whatver.)

As for the ipad, not really sure why you bought that up lol.
here's my suggested $600 build:

i5-2400 + Corsair 8 GB DDR3-1333 RAM: $220.98
quad core w. 8 GB RAM that loses only 2-5 FPS to is beefier 2500 brother. It doesn't overclock, so that affects the other choices I've made.

AS Rock H61M/U3S3 Motherboard: $69.99
an almost barebones mobo, except they added, outside of its usual spec, a pair of USB3 ports and a pair of SATA 3 ports, allowing you to consider an SSD upgrade later. it lacks RAID and overclock compared to a P67, but you arent using that. It also won't SLi/crossfire but you aren't going to need that either.

Seagate 1TB HDD + LG DVD burner: $72.48
a fine SATA 3 drive (not that you'll notice the difference w/ SATA 2) and a DVD burner.

HIS HD6850 + Deus Ex: $149.99 w/ $10 rebate
This will handle anything you throw at it at 1680x1050, and generally high quality at 1920x1080.

Corsair CX430 v2: $44.99 w/ $20 rebate
more than enough power for this system.

Rosewill R102 case: $29.99
A bit old school, but solid. the 120mm fan included looks HUGE and really pulls a lot of air in this small space. the front 120mm slot has a nice dust filter

Rosewill 120mm blue LED fan: $7.99
you cal also get white or red LEDs, or no LED at all for the same $7.99 price. This is for the front, and looks quite nice without being obtrusive.

Masscool 80mm fan: $1.99
this replaces the shroud in the side, as I'd rather have it as an intake.

total: $599.40
Shipping: 14.37
$613.77 total before $30 in rebates. ($587.77 w/ rebates)


Sep 14, 2011

Thats a really good build, but i decided to just wait till the end of the month to get paid, buy me a laptop now, and forget about WoW, until i get my monthly check in october, and i'll be able to get a 2500k, and a Z68 mobo. And spend some of a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Sorry for the hassle everonye :??: