Ultimate Dfrag


Jul 4, 2012
Hi - as a flight simmer I tried Ultimate Dfrag, I did not notice any significant improvement, but it took ages to run, OK maybe I did it wrong, but it certainly was not straightforward. Also, shortly after my HD failed entirely (it was 6 months old) and I had to get a replacement in - fortunately still under warranty,

I know it is not fair to necessaarily blame Ultimate Defrag for this (there could have been an underlying problem) nevertheless the 2 are forever linked in my mind and I doubt whether I will ever use a 3rd party defrag. again
u defrag is 1 of the very best defraggers out there i have used it exclusivley for the past 4 years, with no issues. its unlikely it caused the problem , more like just showed there was a problem. my guess is you got the drive over the internet and its the delivery thats caused the issue. more often than not boxes marked fragile are mishandled and the end result is you end up having to return the hardware within a few months. its much better to go to a local outlet and pick up your hdd's. i do this for all my drives and it doesnt cost any more than if i bought em over the web.(by the time you take post and packing into account).
i know its not always feasible, but if you can go to the shop and make the pickup yourself.

u defrag is very simple to use for the beginner but is exceptional for the pro as it gives a level of ordering not seen in many other defraggers.
most people should just use the auto ordering. and use consolidation when the data is to spread out over the disk. other than that you can choose to defrag the fragmented files only or you can take the engineering approach where you can place everything including moving things like the mft (not recommended but can be useful)...
some other good defraggers. defraggler, auslogics defrag. o and o defrag all do the job and are way faster than windows own...