Ultimate Family Tree Compatibility

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I am running a 1997 version of Ultimate Family Tree (Palladium Interactive)on my Vista based system. I am getting concerned about the age of this software and don't want to get caught with data files that won't work on better software. I see there is a 2005 version of Ultimate Family Tree. Will the files from the 1997 version work? Is there any newer software that I could open these files with? I have backed everything up with gedcom files, but I notice they don't contain all the detailed information displayed in Ultimate Family Tree. 2005 software is still pretty old. I'd prefer something current. I have been unsuccessful in finding any way to reach the manufacturer to ask this question.


Feb 23, 2010
Not by phone, area51, but OP is trying to find out if the old files are compatible with the new program.

I have that version of the program, and I run it on XP. I found a forum at Palladium where you can ask questions, and get answers, I hope, somewhat more complete than area51's answer. :kaola:

If you do continue to use the old one, BTW, make a copy of the CD. I had a beloved 1998 version of Print Shop that I moved from computer to computer to computer for 12 years. And then it got badly scratched. [:graywolf:7] I moved to a newer version and hated it, too complex, too much stuff I never used. Last year a client was dumping old CD's, and I had my beloved Print Shop 6 back again. [:graywolf:2]

Many products that have little or no support, even when new, have forums on their sites. It's a cheap way for them to give tech support without upgrading their help files.

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