Ultimate privacy solution to disable all spying on Windows 10


Feb 16, 2016
Hello everyone my name is Nikola Radjen,i am 25 years old from Serbia.

I want to inform and present my amazing discovery about Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64. I will present you my Zero kilobytes Windows 10 project. I had tried for more than one month to establish contact with Microsoft,they are most hatred corporation on planet,i was tried to give them chance for negotiations about my shocking discovery.You will see shocking informations

They had refuse to call and to prevent fiasco.I had offer constructive conversation but without any progress for entire month. Windows 10 is spying project and system that has been constantly connecting with countless connections,with telemetry and other spy components. I had track some of those ip adresses some of them are going to redmond,and i did not have time to track all of them.

I would like to see official explanation from Microsoft what is point of 99 percent of services which are configured to allow through windows forewalls,without any benefit for average user. They had gather everything that could be sell and make profit thats my personal opinion.

We all know that Microsoft is gathering massive ammount of data which can be given to intelligence or marketing agencies for reasearch. People world wide have right for privacy and this corporation is taking data with suspicious manners hidden behind their EULA. Microsoft is saying that telemetry is gathering only basic metadata and simillar files,but those files are encrypted so we are unable to analyse and confirm their statements. Many people are suspecting about windows 10 spying project and refuse this system.

Keep in mind that Microsoft has invest more one billion dollar to data centre and infrastructure and they will deny everything at all costs to hide their spying project. This corporation was already colaborated with NSA in past ,do not allow them to exploit and spying you, and making profit on your data.I would like to hear why Microsoft is gathering skype data,why their apps intercept microphone and etc.This system is gathering literally everything.

I am person who is very concerned about privacy in Windows 10,i do not care which data is collected i do not want to give any data. We have right to choose did we want to give any data. Thats why i was started my research in order to enchance privacy.

I will tell you shocking discovery that only two connections are truly necessary in order to have fully functional Windows 10.I had blocked 99 percent of services inside windows 10 in order to have spying free system. I had using combined method with W10Privacy, ShutUp10 and Windows Firewall control program to create perfect windows 10 system with ZERO connections in outgoing -ingoing protocol on active internet connection. I had tracked network activity for 12 hours and we have zero activity on active internet in stand by.

I had tested this configuration for more than one month and everything is working perfect. I will give you all data ,including my exclusive letter and answer from Microsoft hosted on MEGA. If you want to have apsolute privacy like me download all data and follow my instructions. Do not update windows 10 and all other programs.

Microsoft has already fixed everything in new versions,and there is chance that this corporation has made potential influence on other companies.

I had throughly tested my discovery on single computer configuration and its working perfect for more than one month already. I did not test it on multiple connected computers which share internet,or if you are using external devices such as tablets co connect on your pc through router. So i cannot quarantee that it will work and you can test it on your own risk.

There is a chance that you will lose internet on external devices or connected pc-s. But if somebody want to test it you can follow my guide and slowly configure rules one by one until you find necessary services. Before making any actions,back up your firewall rules in windows firewall control. I will give you step by step instructions along with videos share my discovery so everyone can have ultimate privacy. If you are absolute beginner do not do this,give to somebody who is advanced user. I cannot educate anyone and i will not answer on that type of messages.

Keep in mind after my discovery presentation about windows 10 spying project,they will hire army of bots and payed shills who will invent all kinds of problems in order to discourage you or to scare you dont fall on their messages.

They will especially try to scare and discourage beginners users in order to prevent them to use my method,dont fall on that. Keep in mind that Microsoft want you to stay on newer vulnerable versions to keep exploiting you and stealing your personal data.

They will try all kinds of dirty tricks to sabotage me and discourage and reduce my discovery with payed reviews and army of bot writers. They will do everything in order to their data centre keep gathering data so they can make profit. Microsoft needs to know that this will last for many months until every second person knows about my project and use this discovery. I want Microsoft to earn ZERO dollars with data collecting. I will not pay attention to potential bots and microsoft shills they will not take my time.I would also like to suggest to all advanced users to give feedback on thread.

My discovery is free and available to everyone to download world wide. I want to people use his guide so you can have ultimate privacy too.

I hope that people will share this message so other users can have spy free system. Everyone can have zero kb system and microsoft will have 0 dollars from you.

Firstly i will give you exclusive letter screenshot from Microsoft to read their answer after i submitted all data.All data is hosted on MEGA

Microsoft letter download


So lets start firstly you need to download and install Windows 10,if you already have newer version it will not work because Microsoft has made changes in order to prevent this.In that case you need to backup your important data,and format your hdd in order to erase current windows 10. I will give you ISO file,this is fully stable RTM version i did not encounter any bug,no issues with using it,this system also have directx12 etc.

Windows 10 Pro x64 end of December 2015


I recommend everyone to use Rufus and to create bootable USB flash,before doing this make sure to backup all data first. After creating bootable windows 10,restart your pc,enter bios and choose usb flash as primary boot device apply and start installation. Before you start installing windows 10, disconnect cable for internet first and do not turn it on for now follow my guide.
After successful windows 10 installation,first what you need to to is to disable windows update.

Do not use regedit or group policy it will not work. Open task manager,open Services field,then you will see Open Services option in lower left corner click on it, find Windows Update service right click on it and select Properites. Change Startup type to Disabled,go to Recovery option you will see three options First Failure,Second failure,and Subsequent failyre change from Restart the Service to Take no Action option in all three fields.

In Reset fail count after option put a number 9999 days click apply and ok. If Windows Update service is still running right click and select Stop. Thats it ,now you need to activate windows 10 licence you can transfer your current win7/8 key you can easily see data on internet.
After you done this step,you can enable your internet connection.

Download CCleaner from internet install it and open it click on Tools-Uninstall. Now uninstall all Microsoft apps from list,i had only leave Calculator. If you dont use this app you can uninstall it too

Now download and install your preferred browser i am using Mozilla Firefox. You can any other browser if you want.

Now download Win10 Privacy program,firstly we will use version,and later we will use never version.Unrar archive with latest WinRar download and install it too

W10 Privacy download


Unrar win10 privacy version to one folder on desktop,run it with right click run as administrator and follow my guide. Do exactly same as me in video guide download video. Do not use and execute ShutUp10 application for now. We will use it later

Final guide for W10 Privacy and ShutUp10 video


So follow my video and click everything same as me until you have same configured options in Win10 Privacy.

Now download and install Windows Firewall Control and install it. Untick an option for program to create recommended rules,leave system rules at default.

Windows Firewall Control download


After windows firewall control installation dont forget to restart your computer.

Now set up windows firewall control like this follow download and follow photo guide
Windows firewall control photo quide


Please not that i have paid program version some less important options are not available in free version,ignore them. You can support this guys from Binisoft and buy if you want full functionality such as realtime notifications.Its a great program
Configure Windows firewall control exactly like me,and start changing rules start blocking 99 percent of connections in Windows 10.

I highly suggest everyone before doing any actions to backup your personal Windows Firewall Control profile first,open Windows Firewall Control click on Options, and click on Export user settings to a file. So if you have some issue you can easily restore your configuration by clicking on Import user settings from file.

Do not worry nothing bad will happend but additional security measure cannot harm.Just follow guide what to allow and what to block. Please note that your rules can be moved in different order. Do not literally start blocking everything like it is writen in stone. Pay attention to exact service name and local port number.

It is crycial to ALLOW these two services to connect

Core Networking - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP-Out) he have local port number 68-remote port 67-protocol UDP service dhcp. Just click allow inside windows firewall control and do not change any internal option.

And you must also ALLOW this service

Core Networking - DNS (UDP-Out) he have remote port 53 protocol UDP service is named dnscache. Do same just click allow and do not change anything inside that rule.

After that follow my guide and block other 99 percent of windows 10 unecessary network spying processes. You will also see some of my personal programs such as antivirus, etc ignore that programs that is individual based choice.

Now i will show you in video demonstration how to configure additional Privacy options inside Windows 10 and how to completely disable Cortana. As we already know even if you disable Cortana this program will continue to send your search data ,and if you disable her startup or change folder your search function will stop working completely.

I have another method configure everything as me in video guide and i will show you how to easily reach all Cortana executable files.This files needs to be blocked inside Windows firewall control and Cortana will never call her home.

Win10 Privacy configuration and Cortana guide video


Now download O&O ShutUp10 unpack it in one folder and run this program


You will see that W10 Privacy has not suceed to disable all win10 spying,thats why we need O&O ShutUp10 too. You will see that some options are red,follow my guide inside video and enable everything to be same

Video guide download


Now i will show you one more evidence about microsoft windows 10 spying i had discovered that one telemetry spying adress is making minor problem on some websites if you block her inside W10 Privacy.

This particular telemetry adress is spying you in all browsers and if we block it we will have some minor issues on some web pages some elements dont load properly. It does not affecting all pages. Microsoft needs to explain why they are intercepting all browsers data, this looks like MIDM attacks man in the middle intercepting data. I am suggesting to everyone to keep blocking this adress it is minor issue in order to privacy dont be compromised.

One more video evidence telemetry spying connected through all browsers


I also suggest to everyone to open Windows firewall control to select all telemetry adresses with mouse and choose Create duplicate option. Now you will have double telemetry rules and the will be red-blocked too. Click on all duplicates only, one by one and click Properites and in Direction option choose Inbound option. Do the same for all duplicates, and do not touch original telemetry rules which have Outbound option. Thats it click apply on those rules,and restart your computer.
This is final version how it needs to be configured and look like download this video guide

Final WFC list and config guide


Thats it you have ultimate privacy now. I do not quarantee 100 percent protection from spying but i can quarantee 99.9 percent privacy in this condition. As i say i had monitored traffic for 12 hour and there is zero network traffic on windows 10 pro on active internet. No spying no internet traffic.

All programs such as skype, antiviruses, video players everything i tested has working fine,programs are checking for update without any issue, entire windows 10 system works perfect,internet upload/download works completely fine,even if you disable-enable i countless times.

Even windows update is working fine which i recommend to stay disabled forever if you want to have privacy.

Now i will show you videos and photo evidence that i had stopped all windows 10 spying,i had created perfect system for ordinary customer fully functional but without idle network traffic we have zero kilobytes people.

I had measure network activity with Comodo Killswitch and i also follow network inside task manager completely blink page on active internet,in stand by condition for 12 hours.

I will show you two videos 10 minutes long and photos for download

Win10 spying is destroyed completely zero kb on active internet video no 1 download evidence


Win10 spying is destroyed completely zero kb on active internet video no 2 download evidence


Comodo Killswitch no activity photo evidence download


and if somebody wants to see my first submitted video which i has give to microsoft you can download it here. DO NOT use it as guide because it has some flaws,this is older video.

Tryth about windows 10 old video download


As i already mentioned my discovery is free and available to everyone. If somebody want to support my project and want to give money donation support feel free to contact me in private message on email stalker90145@gmail.com and send me your full name and email,so you can recieve message

Any support will be greatly appreciated thanx. I cannot give contacts here because i dont want to break forum rules.

I hope that you will enjoy in ultimate privacy,post your feedback and greetings everyone.


Feb 16, 2016
[quotemsg=17515267,0,445075]You can run into troubles with TH for posting links to bootleg software (links to Windows 10 ISOs).[/quotemsg]

hello i did not know that. This is clean version of windows 10 which i recommend for use