Ultra 120 strange and wonderful temp drop!!


May 4, 2009
hello all

i have a ultra 120 by thermal right. to begin with, it was a bitch, was never cooling the cpu was like never having a heat sink on it. :fou:

this morning, i decided to replace the heat sink, clean it up then replace it. once i had re clocked my cpu, i entered windows and booted it up prime and core temp.

i was amassed by this, my temps on the cpu had dropped by 30 degrees Celsius!!!! all i did was clean the bottom of the sink with some paper towel!! though i did notice a glue like substance also come of with the thermal paste. possibly left over from the sticker that was on it to protect it whilst in its box. :heink:

has this happened to any other 120 owners, would like to know. please if u do post leave your max and min temps and what clockage u have it set at. :ouch:

My max and min temps are 35 to 73 approximate. :D
No. Mine had a plastic cap protecting the bottom. And mine had a pretty sloppy machine job on the bottom, so I hand lapped it and ground it down to the bare copper. I combined it with a Scythe S-Flex SFF-21F fan. Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz., temps are 61 C to 66 C.