[SOLVED] Ultra Cheap Gaming Build

Hi all,

I live in Indonesia and I'm trying to put together an Ultra Cheap PC for my little brother for Christmas. Not only to make him happy but also so he would stop bugging me to come to my house to play games. He usually will play things like Minecraft, LoL, DoTA 2, Rocket League and the occasional CSGO and Fortnite.

I'm on a very tight budget of around 4 million Indonesian Rupiah and have come up with most of the build (below for reference) but mostly I need help trying to pick a PSU. I know these are PSUs I would generally never recommend to anyone, but do you think it could work out?


Digital Alliance 400W Bronze
I know this is some unknown local brand but it's quite well known in Indonesia, they also do PC Cases, GPUs, and various peripherals. I guess they can be trusted to some extent for a build like this?

CPU - Athlon 200GE
Motherboard - Asrock A320M-HDV
RAM - Kingston HyperX Fury 1x8Gb 2666Mhz
SSD - ADATA SU650 Ultimate 120GB
Case - Infinity Elysium
Monitor - LG 22MK400H-B 21.5” 1080p 75Hz Freesync
Peripherals - Fantech Major KX302 Mouse & Keyboard + Mousepad Bundle