Ultra HD - Displays and Graphics Cards


Oct 27, 2009
For those that demand or wish for better displays, this will be the year for researching what it will take to use Ultra HD displays.

You can search long and hard to find answers to some basic questions and still not have all the answers. I started on the trail a few months ago and now find myself at the bottom of a cliff. Information is at times confusing and sometimes contradicting.

For those going to CES 2013 there will be sources of information that should not be missed.
Here are some starting questions.

1) What is needed to drive the Ultra HD display when only one viewing area is required via a computer?

2) What is needed to drive the Ultra HD display for gaming or business apps when splitting the display into two or four areas? Will you need one graphics card per area? How much memory will be required per graphics card?

3) Are there any changes to the display interface that will be happening within the next two years?

4) There has been information released for Ultra HD that mentions 10 or 12 bit graphics card requirements. It appears that your current graphics card/s (8 bit) will not be able to drive Ultra HD.

5) What display size is good when Ultra HD display will only be used for single viewing area used?

6) What display size is good when Ultra HD display will be split into two, four, or more viewing areas?

7) When an Ultra HD display is used for single viewing area, will games and business apps used the extra display space to display more information?

I will be continuing the search for answers and hopefully find them.

For those of you that have answers or questions now is the time to share them. For those with answer, please provide sources of the information.


Oct 14, 2011
I'm going to be frank, most of your questions are stupid.

Current discrete GPUs can already handle Ultra HD / 4K resolution.
example / source: http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/7000/7750/Pages/radeon-7750.aspx

Connectors will be whatever can handle the resolution, probably display port or hdmi 2.0.
source: 5 minutes on google and wikipedia

Everything else such as how windows function won't change because it has nothing to do with your monitor's resolution.