Question Ultra low-latency, low power/temp GPU for pro audio

Aug 30, 2022
Hello. I am building a pure pro audio machine. I am looking for a GPU with extreme low latency drivers that help build a low DPC system. Also I'd like the card to be low temp and low wattage. The most I will ever use it for is to power two 1080p displays (maybe 4k but currently Pro Tools has a 1080p limitation). I am planning to put this in a new X690E or X690 board for the new Ryzen 7000 AM5. I heard AMD had lower latency drivers in the past, but this may have been rectified with NVIDIA's new studio drivers. Any suggestions would be great!
nvidia can be dropped down to 0.1ms DPC with low latency setting, enabled message signaled interrupts, high performance gpu profile and disabled CPU C- states (as drivers are heavily multithreaded and sleeping CPU cores would just increase DPC)

i dont have amd gpu, so cant tell how low DPC you can get



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