ultra. what's the diff


Jan 1, 2004
so i'm looking at getting a GFX 5900, and i'm checking out benchmarks. i don't know if i'm reading the benchmarks from the 128 or the 256 meg versions. i hear the term "Ultra" put behind a few nvidia cards, so does that tell anything about the card itself? is there a diff between the 5900 and the 5900 ultra? some clarity would be pimpin'.


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Dec 16, 2002
Right now 128 mb in cards makes no difference in games than 256 mb. By the time you need 256 mb you'll need a new card. The geforce FX 5200 or 5600 256mb is a joke.
The differences between ultra and non ultra is in clock speed (core/memory)
5900 ultra = 450/425 <- this may be 475, Nvidia's site says 950 ddr but everywhere else listed it as 850 ddr
5900 nu = 400/425
Hence because of that the ultra scores higher.

Also i think all the 5900 ultras come with 256 mb of memory and the nu's come with both varities. I think the Radeon 9800's are better cards (if i didn't have such problems with them) but it's your choice.

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