Question Ultrawide 144hz monitors

Karan Yelve

Jun 5, 2016
Hello there,

Thank you in advance.

I have been using a 144 hz monitor for a while and I have gotten used to it over the period of time, but now recently I have started to work on making videos or editing them. I was suggested by a friend to buy a ultra wide monitor as it helps make working on stuff easier since it has a wider space to work on but I've noticed they are all 60hz only, which was a bummer for me and I really don't have have so much space on my desk to keep 2 monitors at a time and switching between them would be really annoying. Hence I was looking for a few suggestions regarding 144hz ultra wide monitors. I do use an RTX 2060 for now . I don't mind paying for a good monitor as long as it's color accurate and doesn't compromise gaming I usually play RPG or AAA game titles like Witcher 3, Metro Exodus Doom 2016, Xcom 2 & some competitive games like CSGO, Apex Legends & Dota 2.

I really appreciate any suggestions.



There are few ultrawide 1080p and 144 Hz monitors out there if you know where to look.

Acer Predator Z35 (35", VA panel, curved screen),
refurbished, amazon:

LG 34UC89G-B (34", IPS panel, curved screen),

LG 34UC79G-B (34", IPS panel, curved screen),

To pick a monitor, it's good when you know more about different monitor panel types. There are 3x kinds of monitor panels: TN, VA and IPS. Actually there are more (variations of the main three) but i focus on these main ones.

TN panel is oldest of the three and also cheapest. Where TN panel excels is it's performance, most notably response time (1ms) and refresh rate. At current date, only TN panel monitor can achieve 240Hz but other panel types are catching up with refresh rate.
Though, TN panel also has it's downsides. Prominent ones are: poor color accuracy (washed out colors), very narrow view angle and poor contrast ratio (max 1000:1).

Gaming wise, TN panel monitor is best suited for fast-paced games (FPS, racing etc), where you don't care as much about pretty colors as you do about smoothness of movements.

IPS panel has been around for some time and is also the most expensive of the thee.
Where IPS panel excels is it's color accuracy, which is the best of the thee. Also, it has widest viewing angles of the three.
But where IPS panel falls short is response time. IPS technology by design can't be any faster than 4ms (compared to the 1ms most TN panels are). Another area where IPS panel falls short is it's poor contrast ratio which is equal to a TN panel (max 1000:1), despite it's great color accuracy. This is most prominent when looking at black image and where black isn't black but instead gray or some form of blue. Refresh rates aren't IPS panel strong side either and many IPS panels are 60Hz, especially on higher resolutions. There are some 1440p 165Hz and 4K 120Hz IPS panel monitors out there but they are few and far apart, also costing a fortune.

Gaming wise, IPS panel monitor is best suited for slow-paced games (RPG, strategy etc), where you have time to see all those pretty colors and where smoothness of movements isn't that important.

VA panel is the newest of the three and price wise, it falls between TN and IPS. VA panel was created to take the best of both worlds (TN and IPS) and combine them.
Where VA panel excels is it's contrast ratio (min 3000:1), where you'd see the deepest and richest blacks. Also, it doesn't fall short on other aspects as well. VA panel color accuracy isn't as good as it is for IPS panel but it's close to the levels of IPS panel (considerably better than TN panel). It's viewing angle is also a notch smaller than that of an IPS panel but again, considerably better than that of a TN panel. Refresh rate wise, VA panel is more capable on different resolutions than IPS panel but it doesn't match the 240Hz of a TN panel (at least not yet). Response time is another area where VA panel does good. While VA panel can't naturally be any faster than 4ms (just like IPS panel), it can achieve the magical 1ms response thanks to the software solution in it.
Downside of VA panel monitor is that not many of them are around at current date.

Gaming wise, VA panel monitor is suited for all kinds of games. VA panel is like Jack of all trades but master of none.