Question Ultrawide 3440x1440 adaptive sync without flicker?

May 23, 2020
I have reading through various posts on the subject and was hoping for some input or guidance.

I'm currently trialling an AOC CU34G2 monitor which has really surprised me for the money. The only real issue I have with it is subtle brightness flickering using adaptive sync when fps drop below ~ 50fps. This is a VA panel with a sync range of 48hz - 100Hz and I'm fine with the slight flicker as things pass the 48Hz mark but I get pretty much constant brightness flickering below this. The main issue is I am running X-Plane 11 and in complex scenarios, ~ 30-40 fps is normal.

Is this going to be an issue with most monitors? Would a G-Sync panel suit me better since I'm running an RTX 2070? I would prefer to stick with a FreeSync monitor if possible to give me more choice for future graphics card upgrades. Should I be looking at an IPS monitor instead? I'm fine with the colours of the VA panel and since my gaming is not usually frenetic, I'm not having an issue with VA smudging but it seems IPS panels are less sensitive to the voltage changes during the lower fps changes which may somewhat alleviate this brightness flickering.

I'm looking for a 34/35" 3440x1440 screen with adaptive sync. The AOC cost £400 which is a great price for the monitor and while I'm happy to pay more, I don't want to get into paying double the price or more for what could be a temporary solution when graphics card upgrades will eventually take me clear of the problem fps range in the future. It would be nice to get the benefits now of course.

Any help on this would be gratefully received.