Question Ultrawide larger than 34" with G-Sync

Jun 4, 2020
Hi all,

First time post. I've spent a full day researching online for a suitable monitor and have not found one so hoping you can help.

I have a sim racing rig and a laptop with a GTX 1660 ti and would like a ultrawide curved monitor under £1000, preferably 43".
I've been told that I should aim for 120hz and try get a g-sync compatible for this video card and the sim racing games that I will play.

I've checked nvidia site for g-sync compatible monitors and my choices are grim under that price range.
I have a mini DP port on my laptop so the laptop should be fine but the monitors on this list are very expensive.

I've read that some freesync monitors work with g-sync but may not be on the list because nvidia have not tested it yet. This monitor in particular I'm keen on if I can confirm it works on g-sync at 120hz via display port.
I'd also consider other 43 and 49 inch Samsung ultrawide 120hz or greater monitors under £1000.

Response rate im fine with anything under 5ms.

Anyone know of a suitable samsung monitor or another brand?
Best I can find is this but is 34" and would prefer larger for that kind of money.