Sep 15, 2019
So I for a long time had an LG ultrawide monitor that worked a wonder which was paired with a standard monitor on the side up until I reset my PC and did a re-org of my room, moved stuff around got a new desk and reset my PC. After this my monitor would not work. I spent hours online trying to figure out the issue, installed new drivers, uninstalled drivers, tried to manually do it on nvidia control panel but nothing would work. I recently upgraded my PC to a i7 9700k & nvida rtx2070 super and the issue stayed the same. I noticed my monitor had settings that contradicted the PC and reset the monitors on board settings. But the issue still persisted.

What ended up fixing the issue was I messed with which ports I had my two monitors set up to on my GPU and low and behold after changing this around and booting the computer up again my monitor gave me the option to do native 2560x1920.

With all the posts I found online I never seen one mentioning the different ports are the back. My ultra wide is connected via hdmi which I knew can work cause that's the only connections the monitor has. Low and behold it was this tiny small thing holding my monitor back.

Hopefully this helps a few people

1 no LG ultrawide monitor 32 inch
1 no asus 1920x1080 monitor 24 inch
I7 9700k
Rtx2070 super
Asus MB