Question Ultrawide monitor users: Your screen arrangements and experiences?

Sep 5, 2020
Hey everyone,

I'm currently planning to completely change my PC area including the desk etc. and am now wondering about the monitor setup.

Currently, I'm using two 24" monitors: One is right in front of me as the main monitor, the second one is on the side for passively playing youtube videos, chatting etc.

As I am a gamer at heart, I am now considering switching to an ultrawide monitor for a more immersive experience, but am wondering about two things:

1. If you have two things open at once, how exactly do you split the windows and how is it even supported in general? If I would just split the screen to simulate what I am doing at the moment (I assume that's how it usually works), I would have to look to my left all the time for typing, for example, which sounds extremely inconvenient to me. Is that how it works for you or are there other window setups I am not aware of?

2. How bad is it regarding old games that don't natively support ultrawide resolutions? I am someone who regularly plays old RPGs from Bioware etc., and am a bit afraid how things will work with them. I would assume the standard case would be to just have black borders on the side. Or is it even possible that they don't run at all anymore? If these black borders are the solution used, does it feel worse than having a monitor in that resolution or does it feel natural quickly?

I would appreciate some "practical experience" so that I can better decide if ultrawide would be something for me or not.