Unable to access Recovery Console

mk markII

Dec 5, 2012
Hi,am trying to loard windows xp on my p4 desktop.I had my hard drive formatted but could complete the installation because it copy some of the files.Now am trying to do a repire using Recovery console but it wont work as the screen gors black and nothing is coming up.Please any help?Mk.

me 1

Oct 2, 2010
So, you formated, and tried to install, but Windows only managed to copy some of the files? and then? any errors, or just restarted, or what happened?

U want to try a repair? if so,
Boot from cd(set cdrom to boot first in bios) and wait for it to load the setup windows screen. Then press R for repair. These will copy files on top of your previous install, and hopefuly work.

Does the screen get black when U try this?
Or are U talking about recovery console (the black screen with white writing) which U can get to before the setup loads by pressing R,also.

Recovery console uses command lines and U need to know what U are
doing, it's not like Repair (from the windows setup screen)

(at recovery console, U can do stuff, depending on what the problem is, like rename files, recover from a corrupt registry, bla,bla,bla....if your Windows won't boot, and have data that U don't wanna lose)

But I don't think U need recovery console since U formated the drive and if only some instalation files where copied. Then U need to do a repair from the setup screen, or format again, and try instaling again.
If U got an error from the cd, if U can, try borrowing another xp cd and try with that. If not, write back with the error you're getting, or what actually happens, after copying some files.