Unable to access websites on XP machine


May 22, 2012
Good afternoon folks,

ive ran out of ideas, and now need to come to you for suggestions. I know it will be something simple, that i probably didnt consider/overlooked, but here goes.

I have an XP machine that i am not access websites from. the machine is hardwired into a router, the other computers connected to the router(wifi) are able to get access websites without issue.

here are the steps i have taken and the things i know so far.

im pulling a valid ip address, with correct dns/gateway all that good stuff

able to ping other machines on the network, pings the router, and able to ping google.com(so i know there is connection between me and the internet, and that dns is working)

installed firefox to see if it was a problem with IE, no go.

took a look at the active process and looked up anything that wasnt familiar, that seems to be good.

virus scan with avast came up clean, avast is able to connect to its database and pull the most current virus defs.

thats about it... now im just scratching my head, thinking of what i may have forgotten to do or missed.

there isnt a firewall, the only security measures on the computer is avast.

Just to beat some folks to the punch, yes i know XP is old, and an upgrade would be called for, but its my brother in-laws computer, so i dont really have a say in that.

Thank you all for your time, and in advance thank you for your help and suggestions.




May 11, 2012
It is good you mentioned a google.com ping works. This helps narrow the problem down.

As far as I'm aware pings don't use ports.
The internet protocol HTTP uses port 80.

So, the thing that comes to mind is port 80 is getting blocked on your machine, and the "portless" ping traffic makes it through fine.

Try searching for google by specifying the port number. type www.google.com:80 into your URL bar of your browser. The :80 is specified by default but it's worth explicitly typing it for testing purposes. If it doesn't work then port 80 is either closed or something down the line is preventing the connection.

Also, with the ethernet cable plugged in, try typing netstat -an into cmd and see if there are any foreign port 80's, if so then port 80 is indeed open. If not then port 80 is probably closed.

If port 80 is blocked it is more than likely on your router since you don't have a firewall installed. Typically port rules are assigned to IP addresses so try giving your XP machine another IP address within your network range.

I would also try updating the network interface card drivers too if you haven't already.

There's many of deeper things it could be but try those first.