Question Unable to boot after installing Asus Hyper M.2 PCIe card ?

Jan 15, 2021
Just finished a new build and installed an m.2 from a previous build. System booted up into Windows just fine.

Then I installed my Asus Hyper PCIe card, with 4 M.2 drives installed inside.

Booted into BIOS and followed instructions to create the array — I carefully selected the 4 m.2s and omitted the m.2 that was installed directly onto my motherboard, since that is my boot disk.

Rebooted and there are no bootable drives. Asus BIOS hints that my internal m.2 has ~500mb of space filled up, so as far as I can tell, my Windows install, etc, is still there.

Why can't I boot? Any ideas? Shouldn't it be possible to have my BIOS set to RAID mode just on the Asus Hyper, but boot off my internal m.2?