Question Unable to change proxy

Mar 1, 2019
Windows 8.1
Three days before it was all fine - deleted DLhost file as speed was decreased as it was related to com surrogate virus(even then it was working good but after few days)
Now :- I am scaned my PC it has no virus I have Run adware Cleaner in log it was written no Malware detected even I gone through registry editor inside that software policies Microsoft Windows current version internet settings I have checked Dword value of proxy setting per user is one I also tried this in safe mode and administrator mode even I have check permission over internet settings as full control I've also tried registry fixer Windows registry repair tool but no help
I open Internet Explorer then tools then settings over connection whenever I tap LAN settings then that does not change it is empty but i wrote some proxy then click ok but no changes done
I don't want to format my PC it has lot of useful data
Video demo:(
Plz help

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