Question Unable to clean/format drive or reinstall windows; bitlocker issue.

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Mar 31, 2022
I have a microsoft surface pro tablet (windows 10 home) that recently went into a blue screen loop. None of the repair options worked so I'm content to just wipe data and reinstall OS. But it's requesting bitlocker encryption key and I have no way to acquire it. I've tried several diskpart commands to clean & format but I get error messages for each.

When I try to clean the selected disk:
"Data error (cyclic redundancy check)"

When I try to format override selected volume or partition:
"virtual disk service error: bitlocker encryption on the volume could not be removed"

I don't fully understand read only settings. When I check attributes on the disk it shows:
Current read-only state : yes
read-only: no

And all of the individual volumes show read-only as "no".

Any idea what's preventing me from wiping this disk?
If this had bitlocker encryption on it from the factory, you will need to contact the manufacturer for help. If you put bitlocker encryption on it, then you should know the key and we cannot help anybody to bypass encryption or other security protocols here.
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