Question Unable to Connect Monitor to GPU GT1030

Jul 20, 2019
I have GPU 1030 of 2gb having HDMI port and DVI-D(24+1) port. I want to try to connect monitor and Samsung TV to my GPU at the same time. My monitor has HDMI &VGA port, whereas my TV also has HDMI port only. Since my gpu doesn't have any VGA port thats why i purchased an DVI-D to HDMI Converter (from the link below). If i connect HDMI cable to GPU's HDMI port and to monitor HDMI port it works fine,but when i connect my GPU to DVI- HDMI coverter and then HDMI cable to my monitor. It only shows the motherboard name i.e. Gigabyte while booting and the signal goes off. And the message comes their is no HDMI Signal on my monitor and at the same time if i remove the HDMI cable from converter and connect it back to GPU's HDMI port it again works fine. I don't understand why it happens?

DVI-D(24+1) to HDMI Converter Link:

Thanking in advance :)
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