Question Unable to crop in Lview Pro 2.0


Aug 26, 2009
Unable to crop in Lview Pro 2.0

Win 7

I've been using the image program Lview Pro 2.0 for many years without issue, but recently have not been able to properly 'crop' images. While the picture is in Lview, I would select the 'crop tool'...the mouse icon changes to a '+' sign, then select the area to keep, then 'image', and 'crop'.

But, the crop tool no longer drags all the way to the right as far as I want to go. No matter how far I drag the mouse to the right, the dashed line indicating where the crop is to happen doesn't go all the way over.

Attached are two is my original test image, the other is the most I can crop it.....hmmm....I don't see a way to attach pix.

I've changed my mouse, so that's not it.

Ideas, anyone?