Dec 26, 2020
I am having an issue while deleting certain files on my sd card which I guess are corrupted
I am unable to access my memory card on my phone but can open it on my computer
it has certain files that are corrupted and has names like "└²₧┼ΩÖ .πö "
special character names and shows that it was created in the year 2070 and so.
and it has size over the allowed size of my sd card
I have tried to format my sd card but the "windows is unable to format the drive" error keeps popping every time
I have tried to run the check disk command but it says
"Unrecoverable error in folder \"(folder name)".
Convert folder to file (Y/N)?"
and when I type N for no, it says 1 percent complete and automatically ends the command
please help
i want to delete those corrupted files and format my sd card to use it again
i am not sure but the problem might have caused when i was transferring some data in my sd card and tried to dele that certain folder at the same time which is now have been corrupted.

edit:- i did surface test and found out that it has bad sectors, how should i solve this?
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Bought it new from a reputable place or just somewhere online. Lots of cheap fake SanDisk cards out there, probably more than real ones. Lol.