Apr 15, 2012

My WD Passport was working fine, until last night when I try to power it up, the External HDD light keeps on blinking, but my PC windows 7 is unable to detect the external HDD. I have treid many cable and all available USB port but to no avail. Can anyone help ?

I hardly use this HDD as it stored my late parent photos and Video for memories.

Can anyone help ?


It sounds like the HDD is possibly gone, or even the case/pcb the HDD is in/connected to.

To check to see whether or not the computer sees the drive, plug in your drive and go to your start menu and type "diskmgmt.msc" without the quotes and hit enter. This brings up your disk management interface which shows all the drives currently connected and whether or not they are formatted, or if they have a file system.

Normally your "C" drive is your own main drive of the computer your using. Your passport, if it even shows up correctly might be labeled as E, or F drive.

Have you tried connecting your WD Passport to another computer to see if it works?

One last thing - what is the exact model?