Question Unable to Diagnose my PC

Jul 16, 2022
Hi everyone! My name is Andrew and I am quite in a bit of trouble.

I bought my PC parts 3 years ago and i assembled it. Config is the following:
MB: Asus x570-p Prime
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z Neo 2x16 GB
GPU: AMD RX 5700 8GB
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
PSU: EVGA 850 GQ (i have warranty for 10-15 days then it expires)

I have 5 fan cooler and 1 SSD for windows and another for every other application. In the past 3 days my PC started to act strangely.

  • PC randomly shuts down then powers itself on after 3-4 seconds (41 code).
  • When I initiate restart sometimes it shuts down instantly then after 3-4 seconds powers itself back on.
  • When i initiate shutdown, its shuts down just fine, but after 3-4 seconds it powers itself back on.
  • Shutdowns always happen during using browser, or doing nothing on the PC. Never happened while gaming or using heavy applications.
  • Mouse started behaving strange. Sometimes i can't click on any window, drag it...etc. I can see the cursor, it moves fine, but hover actions not even presented on the GUI. Usually when i hover on an icon it will show somekind of an outline, however it is not happening at all. After X time (sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes) it works just fine then it starts again after Y amount of time. What is more confusing that keyboard interactions work completely fine. So i can change windows, interact with everything with the keyboard. Currently i used my keyboard to register and get to this forum. Mouse not working currently...
What i did:
  • Driver updates
  • Memory reseat, memory test
  • 1 Hour Stress test on CPU, GPU, Memory - No overheating, no error, nothing.
  • CMOS reset
  • BIOS update / reset
  • OS update
  • OS repair
  • OS reinstal
  • Checked all the cables to make sure they are correctly plugged in
  • PC was clean, but i used compressed air to make sure it is not caused by some kind of debree.
  • Unplugged all LED, and Chassi fan to make sure it is not the power consuption (Maybe PSU?)
  • Tried to use the PC with only 1 RAM - same thing, then i swapped with the other one. I can cancel out RAM.
  • Crystal disk shows that the Windows SSD is on 73% health, but i don't see any slowdown or something.
  • Checked the Power splitter or what it called :D swapped it.
  • Unplugged Front panel RESET SW
  • Tried to use 2 different mouses.
I will do soon the following?
  • Remove all components and assemble it on the table to make sure it is not caused by my PC case, maybe shorting motherboard
  • I have a donor PSU to rule that issue out
  • I have a spare SSD to install windows on it, to check it out the errors not caused by the SSD (however in my opinion Unlikely) Edit: same problem not ssd
First of all sorry for my grammar but my PC is a time bomb and If i don't send this message in time it may restart again... 4 days later i have an Online Exam and my PC not working properly. Do you have any advice what things should i do, or what do you think what could be the problem? Any help or ideas would be great because i want to fix it before the exam If i can...

Thank you for your time and Help!
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Jul 16, 2022
Some update. I reseated the rams again. It seems one of the sticks caused all these issues. What is funny that i already did these steps. I am goig to test this further to make sure it is not mb or psu.

EDIT: i was too hasty. Not working.
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Jun 17, 2020
  • When i initiate shutdown, its shuts down just fine, but after 3-4 seconds it powers itself back on.
I had this problem in my first computer when I replaced the motherboard to upgrade to a new CPU the random turn-ons stopped. Try replacing the motherboard first then the PSU.

also check event viewer
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