Question Unable to extend or create a new partition of 931gb Unallocated D: Drive space!

Jun 27, 2021
I recently cloned my 2TB HDD to a new 3TB HDD but in doing so, I'm now stuck with a 1.8TB partition as well as 931GB Unallocated space.
The issue lies in trying to extend the 1.8TB partition or just making a new partition out of the Unallocated space. When trying to extend, I get the error "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation." and when trying to create a "New Simple Volume" I get the error "The size of the extent is less than the minimum."

I have already tried a handful of fixes, using a handful of <Mod Edit> software and I'm completely out of ideas. Any fix is appreciated that doesn't include wiping all the data, as my old HDD is on its last legs.


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Feb 4, 2019
I suppose from your screenshot that the problem is that the disk is (dynamic Type) all disks should rather be on basic type.

And the selected disk should also be blue not gold... there is something fishy with that being the color.

I remember that disk management cant always fix problem like this you are mentioning, I had problems with a disk like this before and the only way out or to get the drive working as it should is to go through the windows setup custom installation and delete the disk, format and create partitions there in that setup.


It is because it is format as MBR and not GPT so it can't make any new partitions past 2TB.

IF there is nothing on that drive, OR if you are able to wipe it, which you can't as it has the page file but that is easy to move then cleaning the drive using diskpart, then going back in and initilzing it and selecting GPT will fix that issue. it looks like this is another drive from another PC that had an OS on it though?