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Dec 28, 2016
so i kept facing pc restarts on sudden power cuts even tho it is connected to ups, i upgraded my ups/inverter to 900w output still the issue remained, then i upgraded my psu to xpg core reactor 750w (18sec hold capacity) still the issue shorta remained. now i wonder if it would be ups/inverter battery unable to provide that much of sudden supply?

according to my calculations my pc consumes 500w while gaming.
2070s oc - 250w
i5 8400 - 50w
mobo, ram, fans, hdds - 50w
two monitors - 150w (one is g7 Odyssey i believe it's rated for 100w)


A UPS is intended to provide power to the supported devices just long enough to allow the end user enough time to gracefully shut down.

The more devices there are the more power they require which means that there is less time available. Maybe a couple of minutes.

If there are constant power outages and your pc is continually restarting then the USP is not able to provide enough power/time necessary for the shutdown process to successfully succeed.

A UPS is not intended to allow more game playing or other computer activities when power is lost. Likely, if power is out, then internet connections will also be out. Even if the modem, router, etc. are on the UPS. Also added their power demands will shorten the UPS support time.

And, over time, the UPS's battery is likely to begin failing in some manner. Depends on the quality of the UPS and battery plus the general electrical situation. The more outages (or other electrical problems) the sooner the UPS will no longer fully function - if at all.

New batteries can be purchased for some makes and models. Overall, may cost more than a whole new UPS.

Most UPS manufacturers provide some sort of "calculator" that you can use to determine the applicably sized UPS depending on load and support time requirements.

Prices go up with the requirements.