Unable to format or install windows on a new SSD

Nov 3, 2018
so I recently got a new SSD on my laptop
last night I spent 6 hrs trying to install windows on the new SSD but it didn't work
first of all it said that I needed MBR not GPT (which am not sure what are those but I did what it said and changed GPT to MBR on the SSD)
After that I accessed my flash drive and booted the installation, now I get this error message "windows installation error 0x80300024"
So from bios, I removed my main HDD (which has windows already installed) and made the boot options the USB drive and the SSD
I got this error

after that, I don't know how the installation started but it did, then the pc restarted, then it boots back up to the old system
I read the article on doing a clean installation for windows
but I don't want to disconnect my HDD, i have problems dissembling my laptop,

SO let's say I clone my C drive to the SSD then delete the C drive (which is on the HDD) then format the SSD, does that work?


Apr 13, 2018

Yes clone but No format the SSD!

Clone the HDD to the SSD and I suggest Macrium Reflect which has a 30 day free trial version. See here for the steps to clone the disk


Restart several times and ensure that the SSD now properly boots and that the cloning worked. Include turning the machine off and on.

Now, booting to the SSD, you can format the HDD (not the SSD , impossible anyway).

Use Macrium to create a " back up" image of the SSD and store it on the HDD . Keep that back up current .

PS Do not use Samsung Migration for the clone.