Question Unable to format USB flash drive


Mar 18, 2021
I'm currently having a problem regarding formatting my flash drive. It shows this error.

"DiskPart has encountered an error: A device which does not exist was specified.
See the System Event Log for more information."

after using CMD to clean it. This flash drive was used previously with a macOS bootable installer.
I even tried erasing on my Mac, but with no luck.

I need your expertise on this matter, thanks!
Is there any way for me to recover this flash drive?
Last resort: you could try a drive wipe utility like dban or active killdisk. You do not have to wipe the entire usb. You can just let run for a minute so that the initial area of the drive is wiped and then use a partitioning tool like gparted to create a new GPT partition initializer. After that normal partitioning and formatting may work. Otherwise you may have to write them off as dead.