Question Unable to get COD Warzone to be playable ?

Aug 22, 2022
Hey guy. My pc has the following specs:
Xeon e3-1270v3 (Its basically an i7 4770)
Gtx 1660 ti
16gb ddr3 ram

I only manage to get like 45-55 fps and its on the lowest possible settings, even the resolution is on 720p. I saw a video on youtube of someone with pretty much the same pc and he gets between 70-90 fps and I don't understand how could it be. My pc have no problem running any game I throw at it, the only problem is warzone. the gpu usage is between 40-50 percent and the cpu is the same between 40-50 percent, the memory is on like 4gb of use. Here is the link to the youtube video:

Any help would be very apricate. Thanks!