Question Unable to get to the Windows installation on a fresh build

May 31, 2020
Hey guys,

I never had this happen before and it's very confusing. I put a Windows 10 installation on my USB via MediaCreationTool. Now, I'm trying to install Windows on a new build, with a completely new HDD. All I get is a message "An operating system wasn't found..." why I try to boot from the USB. The BIOS shows 2 option for the booting: USB: SanDisk (which I assume is legacy) and UEFI: SanDisk Partition 1 (which I assume is UEFI). I also see the HDD in the boot priority order but that one is empty as it hasn't been used before.

Before that I also had an SSD plugged in from my old build (which didn't have Windows or any OS on it)

Anyone got an idea why I can't boot from this USB? The USB is completely new, could something be set wrong for it to be bootable (should I format it to Fat32 and use MBR?).

Thanks in advance!


Win 10 Master
The media creation tool would have formatted the USB when it created the Installer. I assume you didn't just copy media creation tool onto USB (I have to ask, people have before)

what motherboard are you using?