Question Unable to lower fan speed on my GTX 1050 - Is flashing another vbios the solution?

Apr 10, 2022
Hello there!
So i bought a second hand Galax KFA2 GTX 1050 EXOC in order to play some older games until gpu prices come to msrp/below.
The problem is that i can't change the fan speed,it is by default set to 40%,no matter what software i use,Msi Afterburner,Nvidia Inspector,Evga precision,etc i can't set the fan speed to a lower value than 40%,i can increase it to 100%,but i can't turn it down below 40%.
Is there any way to change the fan speed to a lower value than 40%?
Like flashing another vbios,either the ''official vbios'' or from another manufacturer,like for example the msi gtx 1050 gaming x vbios which has a 0 fan speed if the temps are below 60 celsius?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

If you're able to source the VBIOS for your exact card, you could try but considering that the GPU is used, it's very likely the card was sold off with the problem to begin with. Be warned that often times you can brick your GPU even with the right VBIOS.

Use this tool;
Use this database;

Please tread carefully. If this card has all your life's investments in it, leave it be. Also, what is the make and model of your PSU and it's age?