Question Unable to recieve signal from Gigabyte Gt 1030

Apr 21, 2020
This is currently my first time on the forum And i'm generally inexperienced with computers so I do apologize If i make a few mistakes here and there

the problem: I recently have ordered and received a gigabyte gt1030 and decided to install it on my stock Optiplex 380 I also decided to use a HDMI to VGA adapter Because my monitor doesn't support VGA however the graphics card wont emit an output I tried installing the drivers first before inserting the graphics card using the included drivers CD. Im unsure whether or not the card is defective, the BIOS is out of date, Dead slot, or something conflicting with the computer software im currently still using windows 7 professional and the cmos battery ended up running out of juice if that info might be important

otherwise im stumped


You can't install the drivers before the gpu was in. It should have gave you a message that there was no compatible hardware. In most cases, the hdmi to vga adapter is bad. They're often made cheaply with bad quality control. Most people have a tv with hdmi nowadays so you could check if the gpu works. Otherwise buy another adapter and see if it works.