Question Unable to set date on router used as switch

Dec 2, 2019
I'm using a Zyxel VMG3925-B10C router as a switch and have it 90% set up successfully, ie devices will connect to the internet from it. (Internet coming from router into LAN1, other devices in LAN2/3/4 and USB drive in USB port. Router's IP address changed, DHCP disabled, Wireless disabled, Firewall disabled and, from reading elsewhere, port 123 enabled for inbound/outbound on both router and PC )

I wanted to use a USB drive from it, and again, largely set up ok as I can access the drive from devices on my home network, however, files are not getting dated! This is presumably because the 'router/switch' is not itself connected to the internet?

As the router's suggested time servers weren't connecting, I set up a PC as a NTP server and put that PC's IP address as the Time Server, but the 'router/switch' is not picking up the time from the PC.
  1. I can successfully Ping the PC in the router's diagnostics.
  2. I have enabled Ports 123 for inbound/outbound in the Firewalls of both the PC and the 'router/switch'.
  3. I get the correct time from the PC running "w32tm /stripchart / /dataonly /samples:5" (though I only get it on the first sample, the others show errors.)
Does anyone have any ideas what else I can try to get the correct time set on the 'router/switch'? Is all I should need to enter in the Time Server settings?
Grateful for any suggestions.