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Question Unable to update/reset Windows

Apr 5, 2020
Hi first time poster, long term viewer of this forum.
My PC was having .dll and bad image issues and many of my programs stopped working. I tried fixing this by running sfc /scannow but that command is never able to complete. During all my troubleshooting it thought maybe updating my windows version could help. That's when i realized that I haven't updated windows since 7/2018.
Attempting to update windows from the native windows update settings page kept failing. My PC would attempt to install the update and then randomly shut down during the process or I would get an error code long the lines of 0x80073712.

So then I tried downloading the windows update tool and no luck, same issue. PC would shut down during the restart process of installation.

So then I tried using an ISO mounted to re-install windows. No luck same issue. "The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase"

So now i'm saying F it. I tried to reset OS using Recovery to at least keep my files. No luck same issue. PC goes to install phase and when rebooting and saying "x%" completion, it will randomly fully shutdown and restart.

I was wondering if maybe someone can help me further troubleshoot.
I don't have an external hard drive to move my files to right now, and I don't care about my programs I can re-install them!

I'd like to add that I ran a full virus scan using bit defender and a malware scan using malwarebytes and both did not find anything significant. I disabled all startup non essential programs and I have also attempted to run sfc/ scannow in safe mode or through troubleshooting mode. No dice.

Thanks you so much!


Mar 16, 2013
You need to create a Win 10 USB, boot from that, and do a full wipe and reinstall.
Not just the ISO, not 'reset'...

Your personal files...those NEED to go to some other location.