Question Unable to use a USB memory stick as a network drive through a Linksys router.


Mar 2, 2019
Unable to use a USB memory stick as a network drive through a Linksys router.

I use a EA 7500 Linksys router with a windows 10 32-bit computer.

Until today, I was able to use a USB memory stick connected to the router as a network drive. However, when I tried swtching USB sticks, I could no longer use the memory stick as a network drive.

Here are the steps that I've taken: refreshed the USB stick in Linksys smart wifi, reset network discovery in Windows 10, tried using different USB ports on the router, reset and power cycled the router, and restarted the Windows 10 PC, tried refreshing router firmware. None of those steps made any difference.

The problem seems unsolvable, but there are hints from Linksys support that this is a known problem, and Linksys and Microsoft are passing the blame back and forth.

I got this response back from a Linksys support chat: "Linksys router feature request to update SMB to version 2, Win10 developers update changed SMB v1 to SMB v2.Precious Joy L: And we're aware of this issue."

The support chat person directed me to a Microsoft support page ( claiming there was a solution there. I looked, and there was no solution.

If it helps, I got a case number of 10843700. However, the support people I contacted seemed to not understand the problem, and said I should contact Microsoft. Of cource, when Microsoft was contacted, they said if was a Linksys problem.

When I tried acessing the memory stick through an address, I got this error "windows can not access \\"

I tried the steps at "" That didn't work.

So I've tried several steps though Linksys support and given support reps detailed information, and nothing has worked and no one has been able to help.

What should I do next?


I have a Linksys 1900AC router and have had similar issues.

Spent a fair amount of time over time tinkering with it all.

Overall, I simply abandoned the idea of a USB memory stick on the router because the memory stick's' presence definitely slowed my network.

Plus, I was never convinced that the USB stick was secure with respect to any data stored therein and possible external access.

My end conclusion, rightly or wrongly, was to let the router "route" and find other safer storage that I controlled.

Let the router route. Use another device, e.g., a NAS, for network storage.

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