Question Unable to Wake up Home PC remotely from Office

Abdul Haq Shaikh

Feb 24, 2015
I have a Dell 3020 Desktop PC at home. I am using Huawei HG659 router. I can wake up the PC by using the "WOL" app in my iphone when I am at home and connected to the home network and I could access my Desktop with TeamViewer. However I kept the Desktop at home in Sleep mode and I tried to wake it up with my iphone from office but I was not able to do so. Kindly provide me Step By Step Guidance for waking up my Home PC from my Office and accessing it with TeamViewer.
You need to learn what acronyms mean. WOL means wake on LAN. When you use your phone on your home network it is on the LAN. When you try it from work you are on what is called WAN.

There is no such thing as wake on WAN so it will not work. It is a fundamental thing with how the data is sent. There are hacks to try to make it work but your router like most routers does not have the support needed.

Now you could get a new router that supports this hack method but it would be simpler to just get a router like asus that has direct support for WoL. You log into the router securely and request it send the packet on the LAN.

Now if you really need the machine off for some reason a simpler method tends to be to use remote power outlets that you can turn on and off via the network. These can be reached from the internet. You would set the bios option to boot on power on.

In general the power save feature in windows and in the mother board do not use much more power than WoL. The machine just goes into low power mode and when you start using team viewer the machine increases the power it draws. It is much simpler and the power use only slightly more. You will never recover the cost of buying anything new in electrical savings