Hi thanks for reading!

I ran into a small problem today, I started my system as usual and upon entering a view of the explorer my desktop froze. After several re-tries, I started in safe mode and meddled about and assumed it had something to do with drivers. Thinking at first display drivers, so I restarted windows with my onboard graphics. Logged in as normal and it went OK, so I thought it was my GFX card, quite an old one, FX 5200. I had overclocked it recently and it had been doing great. I tried it on this PC and it worked fine, so it's still healthy just running a little too rough on my PC. The screen was also ripping a tad when I logged on.

So now I need to know is how to set it back to default? I OC'ed it via RivaTuner. I can currently only view my PC when I'm using the onboard, which means it doesn't recognize it in Riva and I can't use Riva in safe mode.

I thought that maybe since it's forcing the drivers, if I uninstall the drivers and re-install the older drivers from the CD it would restore it's speed settings and I could just update the drivers when I'm sorted. I'll try that, but for now any help would be great. Thanks.