Question Undecided, 5000D Airflow, P600S, P500A, Meshify 2

Apr 15, 2022
Looking for a case to finish my build.
I can't decide between these cases.

Corsair 5000D Airflow - too expensive BUT - I found 2 ppl selling it - supposedly, wasn't open or used - or very sparingly - maybe I can get it cheap. Well, way cheaper than retail. It looks brand new (saw pics). This is probably the only scenario I could see - if buying this. It's over $200 here - too much. I like 2 other cases better.
Kind of worried about the air cooler height - only 170mm and it's such a big case? I like it, otherwise.

P600S - this is the case I like and want. But, the price keeps going up - as I'm undecided. $219+ tax on Amazon. Seriously? Why is this case so expensive now? I have found old links, forum posts - here and other sites - and this case was way less back then.

P500A - slightly smaller version of the P600S except without the sound dampening panel. The design inside is a bit peculiar - as the Arctic AIOs don't quite fit right - yet, they can be used okay.

Meshify 2 - this was my '3rd' choice for a while. Some ppl have told me it looks a bit small inside considering it's a big case. I like it but just not as much as the P600S. It's also over $200 here - $205-ish. I think it's a bit expensive for what it is. However, I have been considering it along with the other 3 cases.

Setup: Z690 motherboard (TBD)
Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler (air cooler)
Memory/RAM 34mm high (no apparent problem with air cooling or AIO)
RTX 3060 XC (gpu is pretty short)

Any of the cases are fine - it's price that is holding me back. I am tempted to just get the P600S - and bite my lip. But, I am hoping the price will drop a bit. I have a gift card and coupon to use - but, can only reduce the price about $10.

The P500A is $60 cheaper.

The Meshify 2 is pretty good but I could probably save the most $ by getting a 'used' (like new) Corsair 5000D Airflow but I like the other cases more.

I intend on switching to an AIO later. Probably 280 or 360 AIO up top, eventually.


Edit: Market/locale: Canada - vendors:,, CC/ME