Question Undefined Graphics Card

Jan 14, 2022
I have this problem where i can't update my graphics drivers, i gave up trying to find a fix for a few months but now i need it as im starting to play games again.
The graphics card i have is pretty old but it does the job, Nvidia Gt730(4gb).
Now when i try to update it i go to the nvidia website i download the specific drivers and everything but when it needs to finish loading the driver setup, it comes up with a message "Nvidia Installer cannot continue, the Nvidia graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows, the graphics driver could not find compatible hardware"
Now if i go into speccy(just a software that shows what hardware i have) it pops up with my graphics card being undefined.
I connected two and two and im guessing that the reason i cant update it is because my graphics card is undefined, but then again, i met a guy that has the same graphics card as me, he uses windows 7 and he can update it, im skeptical that it might be that aswell because this is an old graphics card and it maybe cannot update on Windows 10
So the answer i need i how do i fix this, do i download windows 7, do i somehow fix my graphics card, help me out! ps il provide screenshots of everything

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