Undeicided on mid tower case


Jun 21, 2006
ive looked at every case imaginable for months ive had my eyes on the arc midi and im getting impatient with it i know its suppose to show up in july on sites
ive also had my eye on the new corsair ones coming out the carbide series but those probably wont be out there till around august

ive debated the corsair 650d but just something about i dont know

i like alot of coolermaster cases but that one issue that they have with static concerning the front panel bothers me

so im not sure if i should just get the 650d or wait for the arc or other corsair

whats your opinions
There are other awesome cases available in the market. The best mid tower case out there is the Silverstone Raven RV02. You can even get an awesome full tower namely the Lian-Li PC A70f for the price of the Corsair 650D.

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