Under clocking to reduce temperature while gaming

Jan 2, 2019
I used to use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility a lot in the past to lower the temperature while gaming by setting the Turbo boost power max value to 15 W instead of 45 W, and it worked great !

But lately for some reason whenever I set this value the program resets it back to 45 W after around 10 seconds from setting it.

It only does that to the "Turbo boost power max" setting, other settings like "Turbo boost Power Time Window" save the changes and don't reset to default ones.

My question is how to fix that issue and/or is there another way to underclock my CPU to lower the temperature?

Without under/over clocking or anything, my package temperature would rise up to 98C degrees while gaming !!! but with downclocking the turbo boost it reduces down to around 80C degrees.

Here are my specs: