Under-preforming PC overall along with large fps drops

Apr 28, 2018
GTX 1060 6 GB
AURA 970 PRO GAMING Motherboard
16 GB of DDR3 RAM
450 WATT power supply unit

Issue: I happen to have the exact same PC as a friend of mine with the one exception of a weaker power supply. Nether the less the difference in performance is astounding. In most games we average around the same FPS with the exception of him having 3 monitor's in which i should be having better peaks. Instead we have very similar FPS up until the game requires a large amount of rendering. My fps seem to drop a lot more than his does. My drives is up to date my PC is on high performance on almost every setting, and the CPU is overclocked. I have feeling it might be the background tasks or bloatware, but they don't seem to take up a lot of CPU or memory, but still there are a ton of svchost's more than I feel there should be.

Example: On fortnite a related game when on max settings(all epic my fps seems relatively fine, but if I land near a place such as tilted towers my fps drops to as low as 27 when my friends computer stays well above the 70s.Even on lowers graphics (medium with epic render distance) my fps still seem to have drops as low as 40 even high 30s.

Thanks for reading help would be greatly appreciated!

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