underclocked my gpu, now its not running properly, i dont feel like i have an gtx 1080 anymore :(

Feb 17, 2018
i recently found that by having 2 monitors, your clock speed on your gpu runs at higher speeds than usual, if ure just watching some yt videos your gpu clock should be at around 0-700 for main clock and 0-1000 for memory clock, well when i am doing something simple its at 1683 and 5005, that makes no sense, i found out that u can fix that by downloading : nvidia inspector multi display power saver, and i can press 1 button and my clock go to full or to minimum

right now minimum clock is : 105-607mhz main and 405 mhz memory.

maxium clock can be around : 1683-1949mhz main and 5005mhz memory.

and then i sat down and played a little bit with my temp limit and power limit, i figured out that if i put my temp limit to 60C wich is minimum and my power limit to maxium wich is 121 , my clocks would be low, and then i do that to light games like when i play csgo or dota 2 or flight simulators, i dont need all that proccesing power, so why should i use it ? plus my GPU Usage goes down to like 40% that means my gpu is going to have an longer lifespan, right ????

but sometimes, i play games like PUBG,Squad, and many other games that need all the proccesing power my GPU can deliver, for the best user experince and for an advantage, since higher fps = better plays right ?, then i proceed to click the little reset botton on my MSI afterburner and that resets power limit, temp limit, and clocks, to their normal factory settings, then i go to play Squad, guess what happends my gpu main clock sits at 1850-1950, BUT gpu usage is ONLY 40%, :((((((((((((( i get low fps, i used to get like 115 fps on squad with my settings and specs now i GET ONLY 70, end up playing worse and i feel like quiting the game, but i dont want to, its a fun game.


i7-6700K 4.00Ghz

Msi Gtx 1080 Gaming X

16GB ram 2133mhz


Benq Zowie XL2730 27inch 2560x1440p 144hz Gaming Monitor

Philips V-Line 223V5LSB LED monitor 1920x1080 21.5inch


Just reset your GPU card settings to the default configuration. Of course it feels weaker if you've underclocked the GPU or memory frequency. That's nonsense advice. The GPU card will run exactly in the way it was intended to run, at the default configuration. Lowering the performance is going to give you...wait for it.....lower performance. If that's a surprise then I'm not sure what to say.