Underclocking Core Duo


Aug 31, 2007
Hello all,

I'm curious whether there are programs (be it aftermarket or OEM) that can allow me to manually control the CPU (as well as GPU) speed of my Dell E1505. Many times I'm working in a library and the fan will intermittently turn on, no matter what I'm doing, and is really, really annoying. I realize that the CPU is supposed to have speedstep, but both CrystalCPUID, and a fan program I use both tell me that my computer is always running at full speed. I have Speedstep enabled in BIOS, and I don't know why it won't throttle down, even though I'm usually just browsing the web and doing some word processing, and CPU load never exceeds 10-15%...

Second question is how I can underclock my GPU as well, Rivatuner doesn't give me the option to control the GPU speeds, and since when I'm in the library I rarely game or do anything grpahics intensive, I'd appreciate the ability to turn my graphics down as well.

Thanks in advance!

btw, System config:

OEM Dell E1505
Intel T2400 Core Duo @1.83
Radeon X1400
1GB 533MHz DDR2



Sep 2, 2009
Hey Zero. You might give RMClock a try for underclocking your CPU. I've used it on a number of laptops with good results - it basically steps in and overrides speedstep settings. It should allow you to undervolt as well.

As for GPU speed, you can use GPU-Z to monitor your memory and core clocks. Voltage might be available as well. Make sure you have the newest drivers from ATI installed, and try Rivatuner again. It *should* work to underclock. If not, it's possible to underclock through the BIOS.

You have an older card, so ATiTrayTool might work as well.